Monday, November 26, 2018

David lashes out at old targets

First a brief update:

For several years, David Griffin largely ignored the Golden Dawn community, choosing to focus instead on his own Facebook group, where his primary concerns where chem-trails, government conspiracies, Alex Jones, and (after the 2016 election in the States) vehement support of Donald Trump and his administration.  He cultivated an audience by casting himself and his followers as magical warriors, regularly engaging in occult battles to protect the president from Satanic witches and other forces of evil.

The Golden Dawn community was happy to leave him to his mighty task.

Alas, this happy arrangement was not to last.  David began to extend his presence on Facebook to other esoteric discussion groups, and his aggressive behavior coupled with his reputation as a conspiracy theorist have resulted in his removal from several Facebook groups; along with an entirely new base of anti-fans who despise David Griffin.  Having no knowledge of, nor connection to, the past Golden Dawn wars and the resulting court-ordered peace, these newly-angered protesters have not hesitated to make their opinions known.

And now:

David's reaction to this new state of affairs has been to lash out at an old foe, Morgan Drake Eckstein.  David claims credit for creating peace in the Golden Dawn.  He then calls Morgan a communist and accuses him of membership in ANTIFA.  Then he states that it is Morgan's fault for allowing negative posts about him on Facebook.  He continues to lay the blame for entire period of Golden Dawn flame war on Morgan.  David thus declares the "Golden Dawn flame wars" to be on again.

(Note that Morgan Eckstein has not publicly mentioned David Griffin in several years.  Nor does he run the Facebook group to which the negative comments about David were posted.)


"You may recall my Golden Dawn peace initiative that brought peace and harmony in the Golden Dawn community. That peace initiative has held now for over three years and has ushered in a period of unparalleled peace and prosperity.

Sadly, I must today report that one Golden Dawn Facebook group - the one owned by Antifa Communist, Morgan Eckstein, leader of Golden Dawn wannabe group in Denver) has begun a renewed pathetic attempt to start a new Golden Dawn flame war - all by himself."

"This misguided individual thinks he is being cute by publishing reams of troll attacks on me and my reputation."

"Or perhaps Monsieur Eckstein has forgotten how fed up the Golden Dawn community was with his antics the last time he launched a completely one sided flame war like this."

Sunday, March 8, 2015

An Open Letter To Seekers of The Golden Dawn

"This is why - for a VERY long time now - I have refrained from lashing back out at the attackers, no matter how tempting it may be. As a result, they have redoubled their sleazemongering, not noticing that as a consequence, they have alienated more and more people in the greater Magickal community who readily see through their deceit." : David Griffin's Reaction To This Document

We have often been asked Why do so many in the Golden Dawn have a problem with David Griffin of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega?

It is a fair question.  After all, Mr. Griffin is the head of a Hermetic Order; he has published a book on the subject; and he often writes about peace and understanding in the greater community through various social media.  Yet certain internet personalities openly attack and insult him; and many others either discount or outright ignore him.


This document, entitled David Griffin: In His Own Words is the answer.

We Are Under Constant Attack

For the past two decades Mr. Griffin has leveled some of the most horrible insults and shocking accusations toward the most visible leaders of several Golden Dawn orders; the SRIA; SRIAm; various Golden Dawn and Pagan authors; Llewellyn Worldwide; and many many others.

At different times, we have been accused by him of being secret Satanists, KKK, Nazis, Christian fundamentalists, racists, segregationists, anti-Semites, Holocaust deniers, terrorists, bullies, anti-Pagan, witch hunters, and much much more.  He has referred to us collectively as the 'McGoldenDawn' and he insists the SRIA and SRIAm are involved in a deep conspiracy to infiltrate; control; and destroy the Golden Dawn Tradition.  He has claimed we sent death threats to his family, performed black magic intended to murder him, and insists that the leaders of our own Temples have threatened to expel or curse us if we do not obey their commands!

Those who support Mr. Griffin are often seen excusing and explaining his words.  They are only 'jokes' or 'metaphors' or 'shocking speech to drive home a point.'  We ask you, gentle reader, if you would find these kind of 'jokes' acceptable if they were directed at your friends and loved ones?

Injury is then added to insult when Mr. Griffin proclaims that we are the ones attacking him.  It is all our fault.  We are somehow responsible for the lies and hatred that pour from his mouth.

David Griffin: In His Own Words

This document is simply an archive of quotes attributed to David Griffin, Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega; highlighting the insults and accusations he has leveled against us for many years.  Every quote will be linked directly to its source and, where possible, we will capture and archive the original blog post for verification.

Explore this document, gentle reader, then ask yourself if David Griffin sounds like an enlightened master to you; if he is a man you should be defending in public.

And, most importantly, do you truly believe that Mr. Griffin's accusations against us are true?  Do you honestly think this is the kind of people we are?

We do not seek an apology from Mr. Griffin; nor do we wish for reconciliation.  After twenty years of hatred directed against us; we cannot accept him as a member of the G:.D:. community.  While we wish the members of the A:.O:. all the best of luck; we cannot support nor abide their leadership.  David Griffin should concentrate on his own house; and cease using us as 'The Enemy' to unite his followers.

We are not The Enemy, we merely wish to pursue the Great Work in peace.

How to Navigate This Document
To see the most recent attacks Griffin has made, scroll down.  Or you can use the label-cloud on the right-hand side to find specific insults and/or the names of people David Griffin has directly insulted or accused of horrible crimes.  There is also a search feature in case you would like to find something specific.  You can even translate this document into other languages.

If you want to share this document with others, or follow us via email, links are provided for each.

We will expand this document as new written attacks are made against us.  If you or your group are also under attack from David Griffin; please post a comment here with a description of the attack and a link.  We will add it to this archive.  No hearsay or attacks against Mr. Griffin will be accepted.

Repeated violations of the non-disparagement clause

David Griffin sends a private legal threat to Aaron Leitch.  The threat was over something that doesn't directly name Griffin or his group.


From: David Griffin  5/2014

You wrote:

"Aaron Leitch: Patrick Pfeiffer - Your information is incorrect. There are not "a lot of organizations" who claim they are the "real Golden Dawn" dating back to Mathers. There is currently a grand total of ONE group that makes that claim. It is the same group that is proclaiming they are under attack from ALL of the other groups (and Llewellyn, and the SRIA, and AMORC, and and and and...). And it is the same group that spends all of its time attacking and spreading lies about all of the other groups. You are clearly getting your info FROM that group - so you seriously need to check your sources."

All of these disparaging remarks have been .pdfd and sent to our attorney. Your president has also been informed of your repeated violations of the non-disparagement clause of the settlement agreement. As a board member and agent of the other party, you are bound by this and the court has already admonished your org once against using such back doors to disparage our order.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A somewhat unflattering book review

David Griffin admits to posting fake negative reviews of authors' books under sock-puppet (VH Fra AA).  Directly accuses Nick Farrel of being behind both 'Watchers of the Dawn' and this blog.  In a fake and insanely imbalanced bid for 'peace' Griffin removes just one of his fake reviews; then demands Nick Farrel in return force both Watchers and this blog to shut down. Contrary to David Griffin's endless conspiracy theories Nick Farrell does not control either one.

NOTE: We will continue to archive all hate and lies from David Griffin.  As our open letter states:
"We do not seek an apology from Mr. Griffin; nor do we wish for reconciliation.  After twenty years of hatred directed against us; we cannot accept him as a member of the G:.D:. community.  While we wish the members of the A:.O:. all the best of luck; we cannot support nor abide their leadership."

From: Facebook (see screenshot)

"On ther Golden Dawn blog there is a somewhat unflattering book review, written by VH Frater AA of Mr. Farrell's book, King over the Water.  Mr. Farrell objected to the review at the time a it has a picture of him photoshopped to look like a Borg.  Mr. Farrell did not find the joke humorous.  Therefore, I am taking that article down immediately" - David Griffin

"So, as a sign of good faith, their camp should now fake down all references to me on both the Watcher website and the new GOW which consist almost entirely of attacks on me, misrepresentations of quotes from me, and violations of my copyrights." - David Griffin

"Since Mr. Farrell has allowed both this attack website and blog to be frequently promoted on his group, surely he has enough influence to rectify the damage caused by that promotion." - David Griffin

"The ball is now in Mr. Farrell's court.  Remove all reference to me on those two venues and we can begin a through clean-up all across the internet." - David Griffin

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Secret "HIT LIST" of Spiritual Leaders EXPOSED!

David Griffin now claims that a 'secret group' of occultists have published a 'hit list' targeting himself, his family and many other occultists for death.  Implies his son was murdered by this group; implies a Lizzy Rose had her home shot at and set on fire by this group.  Says members of this 'secret group' include Nick Farrell; Aaron Leitch; Peregrin Wildoak; and (without naming her directly) Tabatha Cicero.  Claims that these people were 'secretly rejoicing at his son's death.'


"When my Son, Adam, tragically lost his life in a fatal car accident last July, I couldn't believe the sick rumors that my on-line attackers were secretly, perversely rejoicing and celebrating my Son's death." - David Griffin

"Noteworthy, together with other targets they name elsewhere, are names on their now published  HIT LIST of targets:
  • Rowan Pendragon
  • David Mattichik
  • Stephen Ashe
  • Frater Barrabbas
  • Frater ATLV
  • Starhawk
  • EA Koetting
  • Kevin Carlyon
  • Elish De Avalon
  • Lizzy Rose
  • She' D' Montford
  • Leslie Grififn
  • David Griffin" - David Griffin

"Other members of the "secret group" that published the target list, include Aaron Leitch, leaders of his order and even the Imperatrix of SRIA (America). The group admin is, unsurprisingly, Peregrin Wildoak." - David Griffin

"PREDICTION: The conspirators will now go on an attack rampage accusing me of "attacking them" for exposing the evidence below." - David Griffin

"For crying out loud. Enough is enough. This is a new low, even for them." - David Griffin

"UPDATE: I was just informed that one of the people on the above target list, Lizzy Rose: "had her house shot at while her son's were sleeping in it and also her front hedge was burned down."" - David Griffin

Saturday, January 24, 2015

So are 007 and his mates up to dirty tricks even in the Golden Dawn?

David Griffin now claims that he is under "constant attack" (phrase taken from Open Letter To Seekers Of The G:.D:.) and suggests that agents of a British Intelligence Agency are behind the attacks:


"For two decades now, my reputation has been under nearly constant attack on "anonymously" published websites and blogs. These "covert" attacks have routinely been "overtly" publicized on Yahoo fora, Facebook groups, and on the blogosphere. This pattern has many of the hallmarks of British GCHQ on-line covert ops as documented by Edward Snowden as set forth in this article by Glenn Greenwald:  According to Snowden docs on GCHQ covert on-line tactics, their next move would likely be to ridicule me for making this post. So are 007 and his mates up to dirty tricks even in the Golden Dawn? "Peek-a-boo, 007!"" - David Griffin

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fake Book Reviews and SRIA McGoldenDawn Propaganda

How about some name-calling of Mogan Eckstein and Pat Zalewski?  Along with more implications that everyone Griffin hates is working for the SRIA:

"SRIA McGoldenDawn Propaganda Troll Morgan Drake Eckstein" - David Griffin
"SRIA McGD Propaganda Troll Pat Zalewski" - David Griffin